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Beginner & Kindergarten

Our team offers a great blessing for your little ones in our cute and exciting classroom. We sing songs and participate in some way or another. It is such a great experience for your littles and you. We guarantee your children will have fun and benefit from this program. We have Sabbath School every Sabbath (Saturday) at 11:00 am. Please join us! On this page, you can find some fun family activities and more! Your family can benefit every day using our resources offered here. We hope you enjoy!

~ Your Team!

Kindergarten Lessons:        Begginner Lessons:                   Previous Lessons

2018 1st Quarter                                          2018 1st Quarter
Lesson 1, Jan 6                                                 January
Lesson 2, Jan 13                                               February                                                                        
Lesson 3, Jan 20                                                 March 
Lesson 4, Jan 27                                                                                        
Lesson 5, Feb 3                                                                
Lesson 6, Feb 10                                                              
Lesson 7, Feb 17                                                              Listen to Discovery Mountain Stories Here
Lesson 8, Feb 24                                                              
Lesson 9, March 3                                                            
Lesson 10, March 10                                                        
Lesson 11, March 17
Lesson 12, March 24                                                                 Special Feature: Daniel and the Lions Den

Lesson 13, March 31                                                                                               STORY TIME!       


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